Celebrating 5,000 Posts on the Technology Liberation Front Since 2004!

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This is the 5,000th post on the TLF.  We started on August 14, 2004 with this post, so we celebrated our fifth anniversary last August. As Adam Thierer explained back then:

The idea for the TLF came about after I asked some tech policy wonks whether it was worth putting together a blog dedicated to covering Internet-related issues from a cyber-libertarian perspective.  The model I had in mind was a “Volokh Conspiracy for Tech Issues,” if you will. I wanted to bring together a collection of sharp, liberty-loving wonks (most of whom worked in the think tank world) to talk about their research on this front and to give them a place to post their views on breaking tech policy developments.  It was to be a sort of central clearinghouse for libertarian-oriented tech policy analysis and advocacy.

At first, Tim Lee and I debated whether it even made sense to have that sort of narrow focus, but I think the passage of time and the rise of plenty of competition on this front shows that it was worthwhile.  And I’ve been very pleased with the tag-team effort of all our TLF contributors and the way—without anyone planning it, in true libertarian fashion—we’ve sort of developed a nice division of labor on various tech policy issues.

Our traffic level is roughly in the same place as it was last summer: hovering somewhere around 2600 active Feedburner subscribers measured on a rolling basis (see the little red box at the top right-hand corner of the page under the banner) and our PageRank is still a healthy 7, putting us in the same league (logarithmically speaking) with the Volokh Conspiracy, our model, as well as popular sites like TechMeme, my daily first-stop for tech news. Here are a few key traffic statistics:

Since last August, we’ve had three new bloggers join our merry band, now 21 strong!

Recent Memorable Articles

Here are a few of our more popular and memorable posts since August:

Get Involved & Share Your Thoughts!

I hope you’ll take a moment to:

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have on the substance of what we’ve been writing about or how to make the site more user-friendly. We’ve kicked around a few ideas recently, such as:

  • Trying to find some way to make older posts somewhat more visible, so they don’t just get buried below new posts;
  • Adding Facebook Share & Buzz buttons in addition to the Retweet button for easy sharing, as Mashable has done;
  • Making the category list more of a navigation menu by moving that column to the left of the main column (a bit like Reason Magazine has done with the menu at on the left of their site);
  • Moving some of the content in column 2 into drop-down nav menus;
  • Displaying tags at the bottom of each post in addition to categories;
  • Finding a consistent way to display related posts at the bottom of each post; and
  • Showing our tech-related individual tweets on the home page in a widget.

Just a few UI ideas… If you have any thoughts on this or any aspect of the TLF, please share them. We’d love to hear from you now or in comments on our posts.

We hope you enjoy the site and will pass word on to friends who might also be interested in coming here and discussing these issues with us. Viva la (Technology) Revolucion!

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