About the Technology Liberation Front

There was a time, not long ago, when politicians promised to keep their “Hands off the Net.” Regrettably, that time passed quickly and governments have their hands all over the Internet today. It’s difficult to name an area or issues where policymakers are not currently promulgating or considering rules and regulations for the Internet and related sectors and technologies.

We at the TLF aim to report on—and hopefully help to reverse—this dangerous trend of over-regulation of the Internet, communications, media and high-technology in general. We aim to be a full-service technology policy blog that covers complete gamut of public policy issues affecting the future of the Internet and technology.

To accomplish this, we have brought together several libertarian-minded analysts working in the field of technology policy to analyze and critique the important developments of the day. We will not hide our love of liberty on this site and we will take every opportunity to castigate those who call for expanding the reach of government into these fields. Our battle cry, to paraphrase William Wallace: “We Fight for Tech Freedom!”

To quote the Supreme Court’s 2000 decision in U.S. v. Playboy:

Technology expands the capacity to choose; and it denies the potential of this revolution if we assume the Government is best positioned to make these choices for us.

We hope you enjoy the site and will pass word on to friends who might also be interested in coming here and discussing these issues with us.

Viva la (Technology) Revolution!

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