Summary of Remarks by Daniel Weitzner (NTIA) at FTC Privacy Workshop

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At today FTC’s “Exploring Privacy” roundtable event at Berkeley Law School, were heard a lunchtime address from Daniel J. Weitzner, Associate Administrator for Policy, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) at the Department of Commerce. Down below is a brief summary of his remarks. (Berin Szoka and have been live-tweeting the event at @AdamThierer and @BerinSzoka). You can view all our tweets here.

  • Obama Administration is looking at nexus between privacy & innovation
  • Success of Internet has depended upon creative use of information
  • Predictability and certainty is imp for both consumers and companies on this front
  • Believes we CAN have both innovation and privacy protection; but there will be some tensions
  • Challenge of the 3rd decade of Internet policymaking = to get together set of policies to bring security to Net while preserving freedom
  • Does domestic & global patchwork of #privacy policies hurt or help innovation?
  • Need to take a hard look at the traditional notice & choice framework
  • Rules for COLLECTION or USE of data is key question
  • Concepts of “accountability” … to what or whom?
  • a Notice of Inquiry coming from NTIA about privacy to help shape privacy policy for Obama Admin

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