Has anyone ever said “yes” to airline security questons like these?

by on October 21, 2008 · 13 comments

So, I was just checking in online for a flight tomorrow and got this typical warning message.

flight check in warning

It made me wonder: in the entire history of questions like these being asked by airlines, has anyone ever said “yes”?   After all, if you’re an actual bad guy carrying these things, you’re going to lie about it.  (As an aside, I notice that most airlines have stopped asking the questions: “Has anyone giving you anything to carry” and “Have your bags been in your possession the entire time”?  Perhaps they just got tired of hearing the same answers over and over again.  I always wanted to respond sarcastically with a line like: “Why yes, in fact, a very menacing-looking man just gave me a heavy package in a plain brown wrapper and asked me to carry it on the plane.”  But I knew nothing good would come of that — probably result in a complete body cavity search or something like that — so I always chickened out.)

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