TSA: Not Even Good at Getting it Wrong

by on August 28, 2008 · 7 comments

Bruce Schneier has a very good op-ed on the Transportation Security Administration’s airport security programs in the Los Angeles Times today. The winner line: “That’s the TSA: Not doing the right things. Not even doing right the things it does.”

In fairness, security is hard. By their nature, federal agencies aren’t smart and nimble. I argued that the TSA should be scrapped in a March, 2005 Reason magazine debate.

Along similar lines, I found this amusing:

  • Ryan Radia

    Great piece. The fact that the TSA has known about the boarding pass vulnerability for years and hasn't yet patched it further reinforces the argument that TSA cares more about perceived security than actual security.

    Implementing a secure authentication system to make boarding passes tamper-resistant would cost a fair bit but wouldn't be all that complicated. (Not that I think such a system is necessary or even desirable.)

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