Hillary Deserting Neutrality Army?

by on October 16, 2007 · 1 comment

It’s long been conventional wisdom that a Hillary Clinton presidential administration would quickly move to adopt net neutrality regulation. Now that conventional wisdom has been cast into doubt. Although Sen. Clinton has supported net neutrality legislation in Congress, the idea was noticeably absent from the “innovation agenda” she announced in late August. The absence has caused some — perhaps belated — consternation on the net neutrality Left — with a post last week by Matt Stoller on Open Left asking “Where’s Your Net Neutrality Proposal Senator Clinton?” Stoller warns: “If anyone has illusions about how horrific Clinton will be as a President, disabuse yourself now.”

Strong words. Maybe its just election-season hyperbole. And maybe a Clinton neutrality proposal is still in the cards (Clinton did after all label the innovation agenda “version 1.0”.)

Still, one can’t help but sense a bit of panic on the left as the neutrality army continues to fray.

One more thing to which you should stay tuned.

(Thanks to Scott Cleland for the heads up.)

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