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by on March 5, 2007 · 8 comments

My brother Andrew is a programmer out on the left coast, and he’s released a web-based steganography program:

PicSecret encodes messages by subtly altering images in a way that’s nearly invisible to the naked eye. Unlike some other steganography programs, the advanced technology in PicSecret allows the image to be converted between image formats without destroying the hidden message. Only the picture itself, and not a particular image file, is needed to transmit a PicSecret message. In addition, PicSecret uses strong error detection and correction techniques to allow the secret message to survive format conversion, resizing, and other transformations that would destroy messages encoded using less sophisticated technology.

One of the cool things about the Internet (and which Tim Wu rightly points is lacking about today’s phone networks) is that absolutely anybody can launch a new software product for a tiny amount of money. All you need is a server, some bandwidth, and the time it takes to develop the software.

Anyway, below the fold you will find a picture of Snoop Dogg. Go here to decode it and read my secret message.


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