European court discussion moves from designing code to giving it away

by on April 26, 2006 · 6 comments

Yesterday, the CFI wrapped up its examination of the EC’s order to force Microsoft to remove 200 files from Windows to create the wildly unpopular Windows XPN. Now that the Court is done looking at the EC’s attempt to design software code, today everyone is focused on the issue of Microsoft’s intellectual property. Regulators have accused Microsoft of failing to provide rivals with enough information to develop software that could run as smoothly as its own on the Windows operating system. Microsoft countered that claim this morning by showing examples of client-server and server-server interoperability. Given how the different systems can talk with one another using translation-like programs, it seems rather draconian for the EC to force MS to give away their IP to rivals. Apple computer must be watching this with great interest given that they are facing similar pressure with iTunes. This case is not just about Microsoft, but about what regulators can do to any software company when rivals complain.

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