Big Brother Trips Over a Small State

by on April 26, 2006 · 4 comments

The New Hampshire Senate Committee on Pubic and Municipal Affairs unanimously approved legislation to refuse the state’s participation in the REAL ID Act today. The bill passed the House with a large favorable vote and is scheduled for a full Senate vote within two weeks.

Both the Manchester Union Leader and the Concord Monitor editorialized in favor of the bill, which would prevent New Hampshire from participating in a national ID program. ADDED: The Nashua Telegraph also favors the bill. ADDED: Video of a rally in favor of the bill to kill REAL ID in New Hampshire.

This is a very exciting opportunity for a small state to topple a big-government program – and, oh, might I add, protect all of our privacy and liberties by forcing a debate on national ID in the U.S. Congress. More to come on this in the future and in my forthcoming book, Identity Crisis: How Identification is Overused and Misunderstood.

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