My Next 7 Law Review Articles

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A couple of folks have asked me why I’ve gone silent over the past few months and posted so little here on the TLF. Simply put, I over-committed myself to one law review after another. I had submitted a few working papers to law reviews late last year and then was simultaneously approached by a few others who were soliciting specific pieces. And I said ‘yes’ to everybody!  That’s meant zero time for casual blogging of any sort. I hope to get back on the beat soon, but I still am putting the wraps on two of these, so it may be awhile before I get back to blogging regularly. Anyway, to the extent anyone is interested in what I am working on, here are my next seven law review articles, plus a book chapter:

  1. Technopanics, Threat Inflation, and the Danger of an Information Technology Precautionary Principle,” 14 Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology, 309-386, (Winter 2013).
  2. The Perils of Classifying Social Media Platforms as Public Utilities,” forthcoming, The CommLaw Conspectus: Journal of Communications Law and Policy, (Spring 2013).
  3. Uncreative Destruction: The Misguided War on Vertical Integration in the Information Economy,” with Brent Skorup, 65 Federal Communications Law Journal, 157-201, (April 2013).
  4. The Pursuit of Privacy in a World Where Information Control Is Failing,” 35 Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, 409-455, (2013).
  5. A Framework for Benefit-Cost Analysis in Digital Privacy Debates,” 20 George Mason University Law Review, 1055-1105 (2013).
  6. A History of Cronyism & Capture in the Information Technology Sector,” with Brent Skorup, [Mercatus Working Paper, July 2013. Looking for a home for this one, possibly in a poly sci or history journal instead of a law review.]
  7. Internet Policy Paradigms: The First Half Century of Internet Governance Visions”  [Looking for a home for this one, too, but still far from done with it.]
  • [Book chapter] “A Framework for Responding to Online Safety Risks,” [forthcoming book chapter in: Youth And The Internet – Regulating Online Opportunities And Risks (Springer Press, 2013)]

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