In town for CFP? Check out these GMU “cyber” conferences

by on June 1, 2011 · 1 comment

Jim [posted earlier today]( about the [Computers, Freedom and Privacy]( conference June 14th to 16th, which I’m very much looking forward to attending. If you’re in town for that, though, I’d like to bring to your attention two other related conferences being put on by the Center for Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security at George Mason University.

The first is the **The Tenth Workshop on Economics of Information Security**, the leading forum for interdisciplinary scholarship on information security, combining expertise from the fields of economics, social science, business, law, policy and computer science. Prior workshops have explored the role of incentives between attackers and defenders, identified market failures dogging Internet security, and assessed investments in cyber-defense. [It starts on June 13th and the program is here.](

More relevant to my interests is the **Workshop on Cybersecurity Incentives** to be held June 16th, and featuring a keynote by Bruce Schneier. [The program is here.]( The workshop will look at how scholarship in law, economics and other fields within the behavioral sciences inform stakeholders about how markets, incentives and legal rules affect each other and shed light on determinations of liability and responsibility.

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