Not-So-Fast Do-Not-Track

by on March 25, 2011 · 0 comments

FTC Commissioner J. Thomas Rosch puts the brakes on some of the Do-Not-Track excitement that has been bubbling up in this (wouldn’t you know it) Advertising Age piece.

The concept of do not track has not been endorsed by the commission or, in my judgment, even properly vetted yet. In actuality, in a preliminary staff report issued in December 2010, the FTC proposed a new privacy framework and suggested the implementation of do not track. The commission voted to issue the preliminary FTC staff report for the sole purpose of soliciting public comment on these proposals. Indeed, far from endorsing the staff’s do-not-track proposal, one other commissioner has called it premature.

Do-Not-Track does need more vetting and consideration. Don’t get your hopes up about being free of tracking anytime soon. (Do you even know what “tracking” is?)

If Do-Not-Track goes forward, don’t get your hopes up to be free of tracking either. When you take control of what your browser sends out over the Internet? Then you can rightly anticipate being free of unwanted tracking!

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