Obama Admin Implementing Sunlight Before Signing

by on July 2, 2010 · 2 comments

The phrase, “well, 26 times, but who‘s counting?” has 26 letters and numbers in it. Each one in this Cato@Liberty blog post about the Obama administration’s moves toward implementing Sunlight Before Signing is a link to another post about Sunlight Before Signing. I do like to entertain me.

Recall that President Obama promised on the campaign trail that he would post bills Congress sends him online for five days before he signs them. His early performance was not good, but he’s improving and Whitehouse.gov took major steps in the last few weeks to advance the ball.

There are now RSS feeds on Whitehouse.gov’s new “pending legislation” page—the stuff getting that sunlight—as well as on the “signed legislation” and “vetoed legislation” pages. Readers of this blog certainly know how feeds can propagate information.

As I said in my C@L post, “A habit of civic awareness can take root thanks to these RSS feeds . . . . We’ll have a more engaged, self-governing citizenry as a result.”

Won’t you help with that process by using these feeds yourself, and by promoting them to others by writing about the feeds, forwarding this post, reTweeting and so on?



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