Amazing Mobile OS Competition; Can It Last?

by on June 6, 2010 · 0 comments

Don Kellogg, Senior Manager, Research and Insights/Telecom Practice at The Nielsen Company, has a interesting essay up over at the Nielsen Wire about smartphone competition. (“iPhone vs. Android“)  It includes some updated quarterly data about the state of the mobile marketplace and, once again, I am just blown away at the continuing degree of operating system (OS)-level competition.

As I have noted here before, this war among Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM (Blackberry), Palm, Symbian, and others has actually forced me to ask if we have “Too Much Platform Competition” in this arena. App developers must now craft their offerings for so many platforms that it has become a significant developmental hassle and expense. But hey, from a consumer perspective, this is great!  (For more details, see Berin’s post on “The Fiercely Competitive Mobile OS & Device Markets.”)

Regardless, it’s still more proof that all the hand-wringing here in Washington about the state of wireless innovation is completely unfounded.  It is shocking that we have this many developer platforms in play in the smartphone sector and I am still of the belief that things will eventually shake out to just 3 major OSs. So I don’t expect this degree of competition to last.  But that’s OK, we can still have plenty of competition and innovation with fewer OSs.

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