Adam Thierer on the future of media

by on May 25, 2010 · 0 comments

In this week’s episode of the Surprisingly Free Podcast, I talk to TLF’s very own Adam Thierer, president of The Progress & Freedom Foundation and the Director of its Center for Digital Media Freedom. We discuss the future of media and Adam explains recent proposals to subsidize journalists and media companies.  He outlines problems with the proposals, such as threats to free speech and separation of press and state.  He also addresses newspapers as non-profits, shared experiences vs. diversity, and journalism ethics in the context of the recently scooped iPhone.

Do check out the interview, and consider subscribing to the show on iTunes. Past guests have included James Grimmelman on online harassment and the Google Books case, Michael Geist on ACTA, Tom Hazlett on spectrum reform, and Tyler Cowen on just about everything.

Coming up in the next few weeks we’ll have Adrian Johns, Nick Carr, Clay Shirky, Gina Trapani, and many more great guests! So what are you waiting for? Subscribe!

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