Tyler Cowen on how the Internet changes everything

by on May 11, 2010 · 0 comments

In this week’s episode of the Surprisingly Free Podcast, I talk to Tyler Cowen, professor of economics at George Mason University, general director of the Mercatus Center, and author of the popular economics blog Marginal Revolution. We discusses how the internet influences and changes practically everything.  The conversation broadly centers on how the web allows us to find, distill, and sort information as never before, which has profoundly affected people’s consumption of culture and creation of their own economies.  During the podcast Cowen touches on Lost and Battlestar Gallactica, the iPad, books, the future of the publishing industry, old and new media, Facebook, Twitter, ChatRoulette, and his favorite things on the internet.

Do check out the interview, and consider subscribing to the show on iTunes. Past guests have included James Grimmelman on online harassment and the Google Books case, Michael Geist on ACTA, and Tom Hazlett on spectrum reform.

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