Proposal: Let’s Use #NetPolicy as Twitter Hashtag for Internet Policy Issues

by on March 27, 2010 · 6 comments

Are you a fellow Twitter addict who also monitors Internet policy and cyberlaw developments closely? If so, have you noticed that there really isn’t a good Twitter hashtag for this broad and growing issue set?   The #FCC and #FTC hashtags have become catch-alls for a great deal of activity in this area, but they don’t really make sense for other Internet policy issues that those agencies don’t cover. For example, Sec. 230-related issues wouldn’t really fit in either of those. Neither would something about Internet governance, e-commerce taxation, or search engine policy concerns. And just using #Internet doesn’t work because it’s far too broad. #Cyberlaw is probably the best hashtag I’ve found to cover this arena, but it doesn’t get much traction and may also be too narrow since some users might not consider it applicable to digital economics.

So, I’d like to propose #NetPolicy as a catch-all Twitter hastag for Internet policy matters. It would be great way to keep track of breaking news, new papers, and upcoming events related to the Internet policy issues.

Anyone have thoughts, or a better alternative??

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