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Very cool little video here by Jess3 documenting Internet growth and activity. Ironically, Berin sent it to me as Adam Marcus and I were updating the lengthy list of Net & online media stats you’ll find down below. Many of the stats we were compiling are shown in the video. Enjoy!

  • 1.73 billion Internet users worldwide as of Sept 2009; an 18% increase from the previous year.[1]
  • 81.8 million .COM domain names at the end of 2009; 12.3 million .NET names & 7.8 million .ORG names.[2]
  • 234 million websites as of Dec 2009; 47 million were added in 2009.[3] In 2006, Internet users in the United States viewed an average of 120.5 Web pages each day.[4]
  • There are roughly 26 million blogs on the Internet[5] and even back in 2007, there were over 1.5 million new blog posts every day (17 posts per second).[6]
  • In December 2009, 86% of the total U.S. online population viewed video content.[7] The average online viewer watched 187 videos (up 95 percent from the previous year), while the average video length viewed grew from 3.2 to 4.1 minutes.[8] The majority of online video viewing (52%) occurred at video sites ranked outside of the top 25, suggesting the increased fragmentation of online video and the emergence of sites in the “long tail.”[9]
  • YouTube reports that 20 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute,[10] and 1 billion videos are served up daily by YouTube, or 12.2 billion videos viewed per month.[11]
  • For video hosting site Hulu, as of Nov 2009, 924 million videos were viewed per month in the U.S.[12]
  • Developers have created over 140,000 apps for the Apple iPhone and iPod and iPad and made them available in the Apple App Store.[13] Customers in 77 countries can choose apps in 20 categories, and users have downloaded over three billion apps since its inception in July 2008.[14] Apple’s iTunes Store has a catalog of 12 million songs, over 55,000 TV episodes, and 8,500 movies. It has sold more than 10 billion songs.[15]
  • Social networking giant Facebook reports that each month, its 400+ million users upload more than 3 billion photos, and create over 3.5 million events. More than 3 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos, etc.) are shared each week. There are also more than 3 million active Pages on the site.[16]
  • There are 10 million edits made to Wikipedia every seven weeks.[17]
  • Twitter users send out 50 million tweets per day, an average of 600 tweets per second.[18]
  • 4 billion photos hosted by Flickr as of Oct 2009.[19]

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