remarks by Brian Roberts of Comcast at State of the Net

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At the “State of the Net” conference this morning, Alan Murray of The Wall Street Journal interviewed Brian Roberts, Chairman & CEO of Comcast. Here are some highlights. [You can follow all of my live Tweeting at: @AdamThierer]

  • Stresses synergies from combination of Comcast cable channels & NBC broadcast properties (ex: Golf Channel & NBC Sports)
  • Program access rules “should give fair amount of comfort” to critics who fear that content will be withheld
  • “Businesses have to transform & reinvent themselves all the time” NBC part of that transformation for Comcast
  • Internet is more friend than foe; broadband has transformed the business for the better
  • Businesses grappling w/ ways to extend traditional services to consumers in new ways & still make $$$ (ex: TV Everywhere)

  • still not certain if the Hulu business model works; wonders where revenue will come
  • says that broadcasting still has a role & big audience, although it may decrease over time as kids flock away to cable
  • Need to deal with copyright piracy; Comcast-NBC will be chance to address it from both sides of problem
  • Net neutrality principles fine, but regulation will go too far; no need for it; Net & innovation growing rapidly
  • NN debate often driven by irrational fears; no carrier wants to block services that could bring customers
  • defers question about whether he will follow Rupert Murdoch’s lead in asking Google for compensation for content
  • cybersecurity in tomorrow’s world is as important as physical security has been in the past.”
  • Doubts that 3D TV will be killer app since most people will not want to sit around all day with glasses on
  • targeted advertising can give consumers more relevant ads & allow interaction (= secret to Google’s success)
  • targeted ads on TV are being held back by old set-top boxes (STBs); need for modernization of STBs; next gen of STBs should have capability

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