Who’s Going Mobile (on the Internet)?

by on December 1, 2009 · 12 comments

We all know those “hyper-users” that are constantly connected with their cell phones, smartphones, or other mobile device. Often, they’re the person next to you on the metro or standing in line. Often, they’re young. And according to a new Pew report, most of these young hyper-users are young Latinos and blacks.

NPR had a great segment this morning about the Pew Hispanic Center study. It discussed the “digital divide” and the lack of computers in homes of minority populations. In an interesting twist, the Pew study says that many minorities are just skipping the home computer and upgrading their cell phone plans for data use.

Mobile devices are a great example of leapfrog technology. Who needs a desktop or a laptop when your phone is almost as powerful (and arguably even more useful)?

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