Will the FCC Censor Its Own MySpace Page?

by on November 13, 2009 · 11 comments

Oh my.  So today, as part of its ongoing effort to look like the hip new regulatory agency on the block, the Federal Communications Commission decided to launch a MySpace page.    Really. Big. Mistake.

I mean, shouldn’t someone over there have known it would take about 2 milliseconds for various cranks to launch into profanity-laced rants that would make George Carlin blush? Sure enough, the page is already littered with some of the most colorful language you’ll ever lay your eyes on, mixed in with some 9/11 conspiracy theories, a plug for the Marijuana Policy Posse, and something about the FCC “build[ing] a cone of terror in [our] homes.”

Go check it out, but avert the children’s eyes first. It ain’t pretty. Which begs the question: Will the FCC apply its  Pacifica indecency standard to its own MySpace page?  Seems like their site is pretty “pervasive” to me, and there could be “children in the viewing audience.”  Time to censor these “fleeting expletives” on the FCC’s MySpace page!

MySpace FCC rants

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