Mobile Blogging: WordPress on Android

by on November 13, 2009 · 10 comments

I’m VERY impressed with my Droid, particularly its browser capabilities. I can even run the backend of WordPress inside the browser (“Look, Ma, no app!”) to blog! (The WPtoGo app helps, as there are a few things that don’t work quite perfectly inside the browser.)

My Droid is a pretty darn good substitute for a desktop PC. In fact, since my desktop’s motherboard died the other day, the Droid is all I have at home right now–and it satisfies most of my computing needs, at least for home use. So… that means every wireless carrier with a strong android/iphone-class device is a substitute, meaningfully, but of course not perfectly, for traditional ISP options like DSL, cable, fiber, etc. So why don’t 3G networks get counted at all when assessing whether broadband markets are so uncompetitive that only net neutrality regulations can save us from corporate abuse?

Oh, and did I mention that, if my thumbs get tired, I will soon be able to tether my Droid to bring Verizon’s data network to my PC?

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