The Changing Face of News Media: HuffPo v. WSJ v. WashPo v. NYTimes

by on September 22, 2009 · 17 comments

Google Trends for websites reveals all kinds of fascinating insights into the way technology is reshaping the world. Among them is the fact that the has matured from a scruffy group blog into a new media powerhouse to rival the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post:

HuffPo WSJ WashPo

Note that the convergence of these three sites has happened both because HuffPo has doubled its audience and because the audience for the has shrunk by half.  While’s audience has returned to roughly its pre-election level, the decline of suggests that the Internet really is splintering audiences and bringing the giants of news media like the “Gray Lady” down from their once unassailable heights:

HuffPo WSJ WashPo NyTimes

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