Welcoming Julian Sanchez to the TLF

by on September 14, 2009 · 5 comments

It’s my pleasure to welcome Julian Sanchez to the Technology Liberation Front as a regular contributor.  Julian recently joined the Cato Institute as a Research Fellow and he previously spent time at Reason and Ars Technica, where he served as Washington Editor.

Although he won’t be spending all his time writing about technology policy issues at Cato, he will still be active on that front.  With his impressive knowledge of digital technology and his formidable journalistic skills, Julian will make an excellent addition to our merry band of cyber-libertarian rebels here at the Tech Liberation Front.

You can learn more about Julian at his personal blog, from his Cato bio page, and his Wikipedia entry.

We very much look forward to his contributions to the TLF.  Welcome aboard Julian!

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