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by on May 18, 2009 · 23 comments

myidscoreHere’s a very cool little app from Identity Analytics: My ID Score. You enter a bit of identifying information. It checks to see if you know stuff that only you are likely to know. (This is what I called “epistemetric” identification in my book.)And then it spits out an estimate of your risk of being a victim of identity fraud.

I got a 240 when I didn’t give them my SSN, and my score dropped to 40 when I submitted my SSN.

Everybody talks about identity fraud, but nobody does anything about it. This does something about it – specifically, it will help stop the worrying on the part of people who don’t need to. And it will give people who should worry a few things to do to get their situation under control. The more that can be done to demystify identity fraud, the better – and the less likely there will be unwise legislation and regulation that ultimately harm the interests of consumers.

So have a little fun and check out My ID Score. (If you’re worried about submitting personal data over a Web site – you can see for yourself that the transmission is encrypted, and ID Analytics is a company I’ve known for many years. This is not a phishing scam – unless it’s a very, very good one.)

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