Supreme Court Decision in FCC v. Fox (Part 6: Other Articles & Opinions)

by on April 30, 2009 · 11 comments

I’ve been blathering on about this week’s big Supreme Court decision in FCC v. Fox, [See Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5], so I thought I would just wrap this series of essays up with a collection of other articles and views on the decision in case readers are looking for alternative perspectives:

Mainstream Media Stories
* Associated Press
* Reuters
* New York Times (+ more analysis)
* Washington Post
* Wall Street Journal
* Legal Times
* TV Week
* Variety
* Kansas City Star
* USA Today
* Ars Technica

Conservative, Religious, & “Family” Groups
* Parents Television Council
* Common Sense Media
* Concerned Women for America
* Town

Free Speech Advocates or Other Views
* The SCOTUS Blog
* Free Expression Policy Project (Marjorie Heins)
* Media Access Project (Andy Schwartzman)
* Center for Creative Voices in Media (Jonathan Rintels)
* First Amendment Center (David Hudson)
* Free State Foundation (Randy May)
* Michael Dorf
* Marc Randazza
* Reason’s Hit and Run
* Volokh Conspiracy (Eugene Volokh)
* TechDirt

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