Me in DC

by on January 12, 2009 · 5 comments

If you’re in the DC area (and not at Cato’s important counter-terrorism conference that starts this morning) I hope you’ll consider attending two DC-area events I’ll be participating in. First, tomorrow I’ll be tag-teaming with fellow TLFer Jerry Brito to give a Hill Briefing on network neutrality. The talk will be designed for Hill staffers, but it’s open to the public and you’re encouraged to come and ask us softball questions.

Then on Wednesday, I’m going to be a panelist at a Brookings Institution conference on the limits of abstract patents. Also on panels will be some of my favorite patent law scholars, including Ben Klemens (an organizer of the conference whose excellent book I discussed here), Jim Bessen (whose book I reviewed here), Peter Menell (whose Regulation article I discussed here), and John Duffy (with whom I often disagree: I criticized him here but loved his work on appellate competition). It promises to be a great conference on an important topic.

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