Googlephobia: Part 5 – Google at Ten & Its Competition

by on September 11, 2008 · 0 comments

By Berin Szoka & Adam Thierer

As we noted in our intro to this ongoing series, Google’s tenth anniversary has passed with Googlephobia reaching new heights of hysteria.

But is Google really too big and dangerous, or are people just too lazy to find other alternatives to each of the wonderful services that Google offers?  If one is truly paranoid about the firm’s supposed dominance, it doesn’t take much effort to live a Google-free life. To prove it, we set out to find alternatives to each of the services that Google provides.  After awhile, we got a little tired of compiling alternatives in each category and just provided links for the additional choices at your disposal.  It’s tough to see what the fuss is about with the cornucopia of choices at our disposal.  If you don’t like Google, then just don’t use it or any of its services.  The choice is yours.

In each case, we’ve listed Google first, even though Google may not be the market leader (e.g., Google’s relatively unknown social network Orkut).

Search Engines



Instant Messaging

Web Browsers

Social Networks


Mobile Search / Portal Services

Video Hosting


Document / Spreadsheet Creation

Online File Storage

Blog hosting services

RSS blog feed aggregators

WebClipping Services

News Aggregators

Calendar Services

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