Easing China’s Transition to – Nationalism?

by on August 5, 2008 · 10 comments

This interesting post on The 463 reminds us that the opening of society in China may not lead to a blossoming of freedom and tolerance, but to a nationalist frenzy like we saw in the Balkans after the fall of communism there.

I don’t know whether the Chinese people have separate ethnic identities that would lead them to fight each other, or whether China as a whole would turn against the world (and especially the United States) in a fit of nationalist anger. Anyone?

If it’s not already happening, I can certainly see Chinese party officials whipping up nationalism seeking to hold power on the cheap.

Something to think about when you go to decide whether tech companies should engage with China. I still think they should, but soberly, and not so much like a neocon expecting to be met with flowers in Iraq.

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