iPhone 2.0 cracked in hours… what was that Zittrain thesis again?

by on July 10, 2008 · 30 comments

So, the new iPhone OS was cracked in mere hours. According to the folks at Gizmodo:

The new iPhone OS 2.0 software has been unlocked and jailbroken. It was released just hours ago and it has already been cracked by the iPhone Dev Team. The first one took a couple of months, but this one was actually unlocked before Apple released it to the public. … Now that the official iPhone OS 2.0 is out, the iPhone Dev Team will release their Pwnage tool for everyone to unlock and jailbreak their iPhones soon.

Shocker, right? Well, anyway, I found this funny because back in March I gave Jonathan Zittrain a lot of grief for making the iPhone out to be some sort of enemy of the people because of its closed, proprietary nature. In his provocative new book “The End of the Internet,” he suggested that iPhone typified a dangerous new emerging business model that would destroy the “generative” nature of the Net by pushing people into closed systems.

My response was basically that Jonathan was making a mountain out of a molehill. Generative technologies weren’t going anywhere, and the Net certainly wasn’t “dying.” Not only is generativity thriving, but there’s just no way to stop people from hacking away at closed devices and networks, as today’s cracking of the iPhone in mere hours proves once again.

So, Jonathan, I hate to pick on you again buddy, but what exactly is the problem? Apple has put another great device on the market and people immediately took steps to open it up and see if they can make it even better. Sounds like progress to me.

The Zittrain thesis is just getting harder and harder for me to take seriously.

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