Well, Not Actually for Everyone . . .

by on June 24, 2008 · 28 comments

When I saw the announcement of Google’s “Internet for Everyone” campaign on their Public Policy Blog, I have to admit, my BS detector started to rise.

“Ubiquitous and open broadband access for every American [should be] a priority in the next administration,” they say.

How about now, Google, and you?

You could have bought the spectrum that you encumbered with “open” rules in the 700 MHz auction, but you didn’t. Now you’re sitting back saying the government should do it for you.

Who would gain from the next administration making broadband “a priority”? Google, of course.

Then I clicked over to the site and saw the evil kid alone at the computer in the living room. Is that a parent drinking wine in the kitchen? Really, I couldn’t help myself.

The campaign “stands for” access, choice, openness, and innovation. What about fair play? Peace? Ending world hunger? A platitude in every pot and a bromide on every CRT.

Really, it’s a bunch of pap that Google will use in Washington, D.C. to insulate itself from competition and drive wealth to its owners. Seeking profit is what compaines like Google are supposed to do – but not using the nation’s public policies.

Update: Julian Sanchez nails it with: “All this may have a whiff of ‘and a pony’ about it . . . .”

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