Check Out Melissa Ngo and “Privacy Lives”

by on May 31, 2008 · 4 comments

Melissa Ngo has hung out her shingle as a privacy and information policy consultant, and she’ll be blogging about various privacy and civil liberties issues at

In her prior role as senior counsel and director of the Identification and Surveillance Project at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, Melissa was a real credit to that organization. I especially appreciated her work on identification policy, national ID issues, and the REAL ID Act. She is as fluent in this field as anyone. (Now, we don’t agree on everything, of course, but wouldn’t that be boring?)

I’m glad she chose “Privacy Lives” for the name of her site, where she intends to “chronicle and analyze . . . attacks [on privacy] and various defenses against them to show that privacy lives on.” That’s an upbeat outlook, and it’s one I share. (Endlessly lamenting the privacy apocalypse must be so enervating! . . .)

Again, check out Good luck, Melissa!

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