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by on May 5, 2008 · 4 comments

Well, this is gunna be a sure-fire sign of my uber-geekiness, but I gotta say I just love Scribd’s “iPaper” service, which allows anyone to upload and share just about any type of document with the rest of the world. Think or it as YouTube or Flickr for nerds who want to share their papers and PowerPoints even more than their pictures or videos.

Like Flickr and YouTube, Scribd offers users the ability to embed things directly into blogs like this. Below, for example, I have embedded my recent slide show presentation at Penn State University’s conference on the future of video games. If you play around with the buttons on the top of the iPaper player, you will see how easy it is to resize the embedded document, search within it for specific items, download or email it, print it out, and so on. Super cool. I hope my TLF colleagues will join me in using this great tool more here on our site. I plan on posting a lot more things here this way in the future. (And I swear I didn’t get paid by Scribd to say any of this!)

Read this doc on Scribd: Video Games presentation (PDF format)

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