Thoughts on Apple, MBA’s, and Distribution

by on April 30, 2008 · 2 comments

An interesting analysis of Apple and competing distributor and network business models appears on “Going Private.” Agree or disagree? Agree with about half.  

One point that I thought worth noting; the allegedly pernicious influence of MBAs laden with theory. This runs counter to the classic free-market (Austrian-school-influenced) model of the entrepreneur taking advantage of local knowledge and designing from the bottom up. But the latter could be, in the long run, a better description only of the more successful contenders, the ones whose actions are rewarded. At the starting line, a more motley crew will be assembled, and markets will not necessarily bring them  to account immediately or in an obvious way for mediocrity. But they will do so eventually. By comparison, regulators may never bear any consequences for poor decisions at all.



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