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by on April 1, 2008 · 1 comment

If you are an tech uber-geek with a particular affinity for spectrum policy, then you need to be reading the Spectrum Talk blog written by Michael Marcus. Anyone who has closely followed spectrum policy and FCC wireless regulation over the past quarter century will recognize Mike’s name because that’s how long he spent at the FCC covering this stuff. He’s covered spectrum policy from just every angle imaginable, and luckily he can now tell it like it is since he retired from the Commission a few years ago to engage in private consulting and writing. So make sure to check out his blog.

Note: Mike is also speaking this Friday at what looks to be a terrific conference on “The Genesis of Unlicensed Wireless Policy” organized by Tom Hazlett of George Mason University Law School. You can contact our own Drew Clark if you are interested in reserving a seat at: iep.gmu@gmail.com

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