Mobile phone censorship regime coming?

by on February 27, 2008 · 9 comments

As I mentioned way back in 2005, the specter of FCC content controls for cell phone and other mobile media devices is growing. And, according to this new Radio Ink report, it’s now under serious consideration at the FCC:

FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate says the FCC is looking into how its indecency regulations could extend to the increasing availability of audio and video content delivered to mobile devices. In a recent speech delivered at the Association of National Advertisers Advertising Law and Business Affairs Conference, Tate said, “As we enter the age of content delivery over mobile devices, there is a whole new set of questions to address regarding how to provide ratings, how to block objectionable content, and whether the FCC has a role to play in this arena.”

To be fair, Commissioner Tate also praised the voluntary steps that industry has already taken to empower parents to deal with this privately. And Tate also said that, “market-based solutions are the best way to achieve our shared goals and to provide parents the tools they need to be the first line of defense for their children.” But the threat of more aggressive intervention by the FCC still looms in light of her earlier comments. Stay tuned; much more to come on this front.

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