A Lonely Voice on REAL ID

by on December 19, 2007 · 2 comments

Amid Op-Eds and news stories today decrying REAL ID and illustrating its defects, DHS assistant secretary for policy development Richard Barth steps up to defend the national ID law.

Real ID is not a national identification card. Under Real ID, the federal government will not be issuing licenses or IDs, nor will it collect information about license or ID-card holders.

To which the commenters reply:

“Oh….a Bush Toadie… What a load of (inappropriate term)!”

“If someone from the Department of Fatherland Security says it…I believe it!!”

“I think that using your public office to lie should be a punishable offense. I would also say, the comment ‘The Real ID is not a National ID’ should get this man about 3 Years, maybe 2 with good behavior.”

Pity poor Richard Barth.

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