Washington Post on the Comcast Kerfuffle

by on October 25, 2007 · 0 comments

The WP’s Rob Pegoraro has a pretty good take on the Comcast-BitTorrent situation in an online article posted today. Comcast, he says, “would like to be seen as a crossing guard who sometimes must step into a busy intersection to keep pedestrians (customers who just want to get their e-mail) from being mowed down by jerks in speeding SUVs (a few intensive peer-to-peer users).” And that shouldn’t necessarily bother anyone, except that the firm should have been upfront about what it was doing.

The bottom line, according the Pegoraro: “Customers ought to have a simple remedy in these cases. When a telecom company has a problem communicating with them, they should take their business elsewhere,” adding a caveat that there should be a lot more competition.

All in all, a fairly reasonable — and clearly-written — explanation of the whole kerfuffle.

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