More Blades

by on October 8, 2007 · 0 comments

You thought the center of high tech was the computer industry. Think again:

I ask him about why five blades were better than one or four, and he clicks on a short animated film that shows that the key area in close and comfortable shaving was the elasticity of our skin. If one accepts that two blades in a razor are better than one – another film shows that after the first blade, the hair tries to retract back into the skin, but the second blade catches it before it does – then the critical factor is skin bulge between the blades. Five blades will give you a closer shave (ie cut deeper and deeper into the skin), but only if the cutting surfaces have precisely the correct spacing between them. And after spacing, there is the tricky issue of clogging. ‘Some of my friends and family do really think that I came to work one day and just added a blade,’ Powell says. ‘But walk around and I challenge you to find the Department of More Blades. It’s just not here.’

Of course, like every important development, The Onion was there first.

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