TPW 26: Live (on tape) from Aspen: Reaction to Schmidt plus Tribe on free speech

by on August 23, 2007 · 0 comments

We took the podcast on the road this week and recorded at our Alcohol Liberation Front event on the last day of the PFF Aspen Summit conference. Giving us their reaction to Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s keynote address are Cord Blomquist of CEI, James Gattuso of the Heritage Foundation, and Jeff Eisenach of Criterion Economics, as well as yours truly. Also, Adam Thierer of PFF and Hance Haney of the Discovery Institute discuss Lawrence Tribe’s address on tech policy and the First Amendment. In two weeks we’ll have another “Live from Aspen” podcast featuring Solveig Singleton, Jim Harper, and Bill Rosenblatt on copyright fair use.

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