CDT Report on Search Privacy

by on August 9, 2007 · 0 comments

Apropos of my post earlier today on Google’s good privacy citizenship, the Center for Democracy and Technology has a report out reviewing progress in the search privacy area.

“Despite the progress that has been made,” Ars reports, “the CDT still feels that there is a need for stronger privacy legislation. ‘No amount of self-regulation in the search privacy space can replace the need for a comprehensive federal privacy law to protect consumers from bad actors,’ the report says.”

The computers at CDT have a macro on them (Alt+CDT) that writes an argument for comprehensive privacy legislation into any document. I heard that one time an intern at CDT printed a Chinese food menu, and it came out of the printer with a special on Comprehensive Privacy Legislation Foo Yung.

Update: I like snark, obviously, but don’t want to put snark ahead of substance. This is a good report and reports like this are a good thing to do. Do ISPs next, CDT!

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