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This week’s cavalcade of 700 MHz posts was an interesting opportunity to see and explore the interesting divisions on the issues among TLFers and with our friends in the commentsphere.

Because I have just finished a rejoinder in one, I noticed that a couple of these posts broke out into point-by-point discussions. The response I just wrote to TLF friend Doug Lay stretched to about two pages of text – and I never want to do that again!

Is there some practice we should all engage in to minimize excessively long point-by-point discussions? They are very time consuming, and they may not benefit visitors to the site very much – other than those of us point-by-pointing each other.

True, these are multi-faceted issues, but it might make sense for commenters and TLFers both to focus carefully on the precise thrust of each post, as best we can discern them. Alternatively, when a point-by-point breaks out, we could make the tangents into new posts and let the discussions of each blossom in its own little hothouse.


(A point-by-point response in the comments to all I’ve said here would not – well, yes it would – be funny.)

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