Version 2.2 of PFF book on “Parental Controls & Online Child Protection”

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ThiererBookCover062007 PFF has just released Version 2.2 of my book, “Parental Controls and Online Child Protection: A Survey of Tools and Methods.” It can be found online at:

As promised when we launched book last month, we plan on making ongoing updates available to ensure that the report offers a timely, comprehensive snapshot of the amazingly diverse marketplace of parental control tools and methods, as well as the ongoing state of child safety efforts.

Toward that end, Version 2.2 offers the following updates:

* over 20 new color exhibits or screen captures that highlight the many excellent websites or products on the market to help parents better manage media;
* a new section on how the “power of the purse” and sensible media budgeting can serve as the ultimate parental control strategy;
* a short section of good books on Digital Age parenting and online child safety;
* various other additions, clarifications and improvements to many other sections.

If you have other suggested additions, updates or corrections, please let me know. Version 2.3 of the book is already in the works!

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