Verizon Gets a Taste of Its Own Medicine

by on June 12, 2007 · 2 comments

I can’t work up much sympathy for the defendant in this particular case, but the continued abuse of the patent system is still worrying. Mike has the goods:

A patent holding company named Geomas has the rights to a broad and obvious patent on location-based search that just about every local search or online yellow pages site probably violates. The company has apparently raised $20 million from some of the growing list of investment firms drooling over the innovation-killing patent-hoarding lawsuit rewards and is kicking things off by suing Verizon for daring to put its phone book online in the form of This is the type of patent that should be tossed out following the Supreme Court’s Teleflex ruling, but for now it’s wasting plenty of time and money in everyone’s favorite courthouse for patent hoarding lawsuits in Marshall, Texas. While the article notes that it may have been “new” to think about creating location-based search when the patent was filed, that doesn’t account for whether or not it was an obvious next-step. Does anyone actually believe that without this patent Verizon wouldn’t have thought to put its yellow pages solution online or that Google wouldn’t think of creating a local search tool? That seems difficult to believe.

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