Intellectual Blackmail

by on June 8, 2007 · 6 comments

MikeT is right, this makes me foam at the mouth. Or at least it would if I were sure it wasn’t a parody. I mean, if their business model works, the patent system is obviously broken, right?

1. You submit vulnerabilities you have discovered, without telling anyone else.

2. If we accept them, we work together to develop a fix.

3. We develop intellectual property relating to the fix, and license or enforce it

4. You share in the profits

In particular:

We actively market the IP. Depending on the situation, potential customers may include: the vendor, security providers such as suppliers of intrusion prevention technologies, and competitors of the vendor

We encourage the customers to seek a licence and apply our solution.

We intend to enforce our IP rights if necessary.

Wow. This company would have customers the way the mafia has customers. I sincerely hope this is an elaborate joke rather than a cynical abuse of the patent system.

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