Verizon’s Hoewing: Why Rome Isn’t Burning over Broadband

by on October 5, 2006 · 4 comments

Posting on Verizon’s newly-launched blog, VP for Internet and Technology Link Hoewing makes the case that the U.S. isn’t doing as badly on broadband deployment as advertised. Says Hoewing:

Lots of attention has been paid recently to announcements that a French company is planning to test a fiber network soon that will supposedly run at speeds far surpassing virtually anything in the U. S. The implication some are drawing? Yet more evidence that America is falling farther behind in the race to build better broadband networks.

But the violins are not playing yet and Rome is not burning. The reality is that fiber to the home networks are growing faster in the U. S. than any place else in the world.

An interesting, and encouraging perspective. And a good start to Verizon’s new blog, which promises to be more than your typical corporate mouthpiece. Don’t expect Bell lobbyists to start working from home in their pajamas anytime soon. But with contributions from folks from Hoewing–who I’ve known for over 20 years as an insightful and candid observer of technology trends–it promises to be a valuable contribution to the blogosphere.

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