The Beauty of Derivative Works

by on May 18, 2006 · 4 comments

For anyone who ever needed to understand what’s so good about derivative works, presenting: 10 Things I Hate About Commandments.

Like its sibling, Must Love Jaws, it fuses many different copyrighted works together into a hilarious, farcical cultural commentary.

It might be easy to assume that the use of each copyrighted work is a fair use because the entire piece is parody. But it’s certainly not a parody of each work it uses. I wonder whether this artist might catch a lawyer letter or a lawsuit pretty soon.

These works also illustrate why there’s some weakness to the argument that there can or should be hermetically sealed copyright-based entertainment and non-copyright based entertainment. If cultural referents from the copyright side can’t be used in the non-copyright side, the non-copyright side is diminished.

(ht: IPCentral)

UPDATE: I e-mailed the creator who declined comment. The conclusion I would draw is that he is not confident that these pieces do not violate copyright.

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