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by on May 17, 2006 · 4 comments

In case any of you are interested in careers in public policy, I wanted to draw your attention to several great entry-level job opportunities at the Cato Institute. I wanted to particularly note that my old job at Cato, the staff writer position, is open. You get to attend all of Cato’s events, and you get to work closely with David Boaz, Cato’s executive vice president, and the man who makes a lot of the day-to-day management decisions at Cato. In my opinion, it’s the best entry-level position at Cato. The primary qualifications are excellent writing skills and a deep familiarity with the libertarian philosophical tradition. Past staff writers have gone on to be successful policy analysts and journalists.

There are also three research assistant positions available: in the defense, welfare, and health care departments, respectively. If you’ve got a background and/or interest in any of those areas and would like to work for the nation’s premiere libertarian think tank, consider sending them a resume. Finally, if you’d like to be the one who pitches op-eds by Cato scholars, there’s a position as manager of editorial services available. Top-notch editing and writing skills are a must in that position as well.

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