Voip on the Rocks? More News of the Digital Bizarre

by on December 16, 2005 · 2 comments

More from our Bizarre Survey Department: Everyone knows what VOIP is by now right? Voice Over Internet Protocol telephony is the hottest thing in the communications world, and tech policy geeks can talk about it–as well as over it–all night. But, according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive, most Americans have no clue what it is. The Verizon-commissioned survey, conducted in May but just released recently, found 87 percent of respondents could not say what VOIP was. Of those who took a guess, 20 percent said it was a hybrid European car. Another 10 percent thought it was perhaps a low-carb vodka.

Is this bad news for VOIP providers? Not really. People don’t really care what their phone service is called, they just want to be able to talk on the phone without spending a lot of money. It is techies and policy geeks who should take heed–as excited as we may get over all this new stuff, most people don’t know what the heck we are talking about. If only they read the Tech Liberation Front more often…

Its enough to make you reach for a bottle of Voip.

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