My TCS Article on “What Ever Happened to the Big Media Boogeyman?”

by on June 20, 2005

I have an essay on the Tech Central Station website today entitled, “What Ever Happened to the Big Media Boogeyman?” In the piece, I note that just a few years ago, everyone was running around making Chicken Little predictions about how the media sky was set to fall on our heads in the wake of the AOL-Time Warner merger and the FCC’s media ownership decision. But today, by contrast, all the headlines tell a very different story: the old media players are in big, big trouble with all the new form of competition they now face.

Read the entire article here. And don’t forget, I’ll be debating these issues at the National Press Club this Friday along with former FCC Commissioner Susan Ness. Event starts at 10:00. Here’s the event / registration link.

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